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3 articles and 2 videos that made me smarter this month

3 articles and 2 videos that made me smarter this month
Credits: James Tarbotton

As a Personal Finance blogger, I love the diversity of view-points and topics that are around us and some of the content is really great. It helps me understand some of the big trends and make better decisions on my own journey to Financial Independence.

This month I’ve selected for you 3 great articles & 2 videos that I really enjoyed.

Luxury is the best reward

Last week, I received this interesting offer from Chase : because I’m apparently a valuable customer, they are giving me access to exclusive savings.

What kind of savings? A 7% discount off the MSRP on a Maserati, for any Ghibli, Quattroporte or Granturismo car. Look at that:

 Luxury is the best reward
Luxury is the best reward

So what’s the MSRP of the basic model for each? A quick tour of their website shows that the Ghibli is the ‘cheapest’ while the Granturismo Convertible costs the price of a house:


Who buys a 100,000$ car because they receive a 7% coupon in the mail? I would really like to know, that’s an interesting kind of marketing. “Spend 100k$ on something you don’t need and save 7%!”

So thanks but no thanks Chase. I may be a valuable customer, but I don’t have 100k$ burning a hole in my pocket right now.

A look back at 10 years of personal finance

Last month, I started a series that show what I’ve learned tracking my finances for the last 10 years. At the time, I had absolutely no goal. It just felt like this was the right thing to do. Now however, I realize this was an important part of what is taking my family to the 1M$ mark. Hopefully this can help someone starting out on the path to Financial Independence.

Now grab a cup of coffee and read on my selection of the most informative articles (and videos) of October!

What I Learned Working With Someone Making $1.5M a Year – Finance Solver via GenYFinanceGuy


The majority of people want to be a millionaire, including Mr. GYFG and myself. There’s no doubt about it. However, instead of being worth $1M, what if you could make over $1M by just working one year? That sounds like the dream.

To get to that status, though, there’s a lot of moving wheels that you need to take care of. Things like knowing how to manage people, putting in the hours, talking to vendors and lowering costs, etc. I will be going over what I observed while working with someone who makes a 7-figure income in all-in compensation. Employing a couple of these characteristics I don’t think is a bad idea to get ahead. Read more…

How To Start A Business: Bootstrapping To 7-Figures And Early Retirement – Financially Alert via Financial Samurai 

Financial SamuraiIf I were a gambling man, I would bet a crisp $100 bill that most of Financial Samurai’s readers have already thought about starting their own business – at least twice!

Yet, the vast majority probably haven’t tried. I’m here to say that it’s definitely worth the extra effort. Starting a business can be incredibly rewarding. It directly led to my own early retirement at age 36. It wasn’t easy, but it also wasn’t that hard. It’s quite possible for anyone to replicate my results and even exceed them. It simply depends on your level of persistence and resourcefulness. By sharing my story, I will point out some critical steps that are required to successfully grow any business. Read more…

How to make inheritance an incentive – 1843 Magazine

1843 Magazine

Every successful manager in the business world knows that money can help get things done: end-of-year bonuses can cheer the disgruntled, and targeted cash rewards can help direct effort to where it is most needed. Decisions on what to do about money at the end of a successful career are harder. When writing a will, how do you leave children money in a way that encourages them to work hard? Read more…

World Domination Summit – Mr Money Mustache

“If you can get yourself financially independent, not only does it give you the power to eliminate most of the bullshit in life, but it frees your life’s work to become more truthful.”

Before the Flood – National Geographic

This isn’t directly personal finance related, but it does present a good overview of the current challenges around climate change. If we become FI, or if we care for our kids to have a happy life, what’s the point if our planet is all messed up by climate change by then? We need to raise awareness and make sure we understand the consequences of our (in)actions.

The movie is available to watch for free for the next few days, so go check it out now!


There is so much great content available online and offline, if you have read / watched / listened to some great content this month, please share in the comments below!


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  1. What, you don’t want to “save” $5k on a $72k car? That would defray some of the taxes, and at least cover the title and licensing, lol.

    Thnks for the links. The GenY post was great, but I haven’t read the other ones yet. Looks like some good lunchtime reading material. 🙂

    • I’ve seen end of year discounts for bed bath and beyond and Home Depot, but for Maserati that’s a first. Maybe next year I’ll receive 100k$ discount for a private jet haha.
      Have a good read!

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