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4 articles that made me smarter this month

4 articles that made me smarter this month
Credits: James Tarbotton

As a Personal Finance blogger, diversity of view-points and topics is important for me to satisfy my curiosity, understand some of the big trends and make better decisions in my own journey to Financial Independence.

I’ve selected for you 4 great articles that made me smarter in July.

Recently, many people have been reviewing how well they’ve done with their goals so far and it’s been a little different for me. For the folks working in the Oil & Gas industry, especially when both spouses are in, H1 is a success when you both keep your job. That wasn’t precisely a goal to start with, but so far, we pass. ha!

H2 and beyond however looks uncertain. Oil prices are stuck under 60$ (and now 50$) and people are still being let go. Wage increases are frozen, promotions are limited and profit sharing … well there’s very limited profit. How do I keep growing my income and protect my current assets in this situation?

So I keep doing what I can control : do great work, diversify my investments and develop this blog!

If you share some of these goals, you should enjoy these articles, let me know below!

  1. Stock Investment: In this environment I want to protect my investments, but is the stock market ready for a crash now? I think it’s good to listen to what the bears have to say and keep realistic expectations.
  2. New technologies: The biotech industry is so hot right now and science made a huge leap forward making DNA editing simple and cheap. Could the next Apple be in biotech? 
  3. Self-development: Procrastination. It’s horrible and we’ve all experienced it. A good read to understand it, mock it and fight it always helps.
  4. Entrepreneurship: I started this blog almost 6 months ago and I love it, but sometimes a little push helps. Some good motivation is always welcome!

Be inspired and be awesome.

Happy reading!

1 The Big Bad Bear Case

NorthmanTrader published a very instructive, if pessimistic, stock market forecast for what he considers the sign of an upcoming crash. He makes a lot of good points on the broad state of the economy that we, as investors, need to be reminded of.


2Easy DNA editing will remake the world. Buckle up.

Amy Maxen is giving us a glimpse into the capabilities of biotech in the near future and how big a transformation this could be for humans. The advancement on DNA editing in the last 10 years make it possible, and cheap, to edit and improve undesirable DNA configurations. Maybe a key to curing HIV ?

3Everything you wanted to know about procrastination but were too lazy to figure out

We’ve all had these moments: a deadline is looming and we can’t get the motivation to do anything, until the very last minute. Mark Manson is doing the analysis in his typically entertaining writing as to why we procrastinate and what we can do to fight it.

4How to Quit Your Job, Move to Paradise and Get Paid to Change the World

This post from Jon Morrow is one of the best motivational article for any blogger out there. Jon completely transformed his life and moved mountains to realize his dream and it shows how persistence is key in setting up your own business. Success follows persistence. A huge motivational boost for anyone starting their business out there.


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