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5 Articles that made me smarter this month

5 Articles that made me smarter this month
Credits: James Tarbotton

As a Personal Finance blogger, I love the diversity of view-points and topics that are around us and some of the content is really great. It helps me understand some of the big trends and make better decisions on my own journey to Financial Independence.

I’ve selected for you 5 great articles that made me smarter this month.

June was a great month.

In fact, going on vacation for 3 weeks was downright awesome. Traveling through Spain, France and Italy was one of the best trips I’ve had recently.

Also, fellow blogger Jim Collins published his book The Simple Path to Wealth, which had been rumored for so long. Finally! I’ve received my copy earlier this week and I can’t wait to read it this week-end. Jim is a great investor and I’ve learned a lot about investing from his now famous Stocks Series. If you don’t know it, you should go have a read now, it’s amazing.

Of course there was also Brexit.

That in itself wasn’t the greatest news, but what we’ve learned from the referendum has been surprising. The Economist has a good summary of the results if you need to catch-up.

June’s also been a month with some great posts here on the blog. If you’ve missed this month’s articles, you can catch up with the list below.

Now grab a cup of coffee and read on my selection of the 5 most informative articles (and video) of June!

Decisions to make before drafting a Will – NorthernExpenditure

NorthernexpenditureOur three-week trip away from our children forced Mr. T and I to finally kick into gear and make a legal will (you know, because planes falling out of the sky are actually a thing these days!). We always knew we needed one, but it seemed so daunting! Well, guys, we did it. It is done. And now I’m here to help you through doing the same thing. Read more…

Index we Trust – The Economist

20160611_FND001_1When John Bogle set up Vanguard Group 40 years ago, there was no shortage of scepticism. The firm was launching the first retail investment fund that aimed simply to mimic the performance of a stock index (the S&P 500, in this case), rather than to identify individual companies that seemed likely to outperform. Posters on Wall Street warned that index-tracking was “un-American”; the chairman of Fidelity, a rival, said investors would never be satisfied with “just average returns”. Read more…

The Only Technique to Learn Something New – James Altucher


I had a friend who wanted to get better at painting. But she thought she had to be in Paris, with all the conditions right. She never made it to Paris. Now she sits in a cubicle under fluorescent lights, filling out paperwork all day.  Read more…

Taking Stocks of European Equities – A Wealth Of Common Sense


The Brexit vote has dominated the financial and political news cycle for the past few days (and rightly so). People are angry, confused and there are plenty of opinions out there on the potential implications on globalization, immigration, free trade, the working class, elites and a whole host of other topics that people are using this situation as an excuse to bring to the fore.

Europe is a mess. European stocks are cheap.

For investors who are willing to be patient that’s usually a good combination. Read more…

Retirement Plans – Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Because making retirement plans fun is no easy task, John Oliver’s performance is notable!

There is so much great content available online and offline, if you have read / watched / listened to some great content this month, please share in the comments below!


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