2 articles and 1 podcast that made me smarter this month

Credits: James Tarbotton

As a Personal Finance blogger, I love the diversity of view-points and topics that are around us and some of the content is really great. It helps me understand some of the big trends and make better decisions on my own journey to Financial Independence.

This month is a little different and I’ve selected for you 2 great articles & my 5 favorite podcast episodes this month.

The best job in the world

Becoming a parent is a tough job. I like to compare it to starting a new job, in an unknown industry, where the customer is extremely demanding and needs to be reassured every 2-3h, day and night, every day of the week. On top of that, there’s no formal training but there’s a ton of on-the-job training. It’s swim or sink. There’s also no quitting allowed and it doesn’t pay anything.

It sounds horrible, but it’s actually the best job I’ve ever had. Because beyond all this pain, it’s rewarding, meaningful and my actions have a huge and immediate impact on someone else’s well being. Maybe that’s the secret sauce to every great job.

It’s basically the opposite of screwing people over for a living, getting paid a 9M$ bonus for doing it, flying private jets and having 1000$ sushi diners with (yet to be screwed) clients. How rewarding is this kind of life? I don’t know, but you can read about how Goldman Sachs lost 1.2 billion dollars of Libya’s money and you’ll get a good idea.

FinCon 2017

I have published only 2 articles this month, but worry not, I have a great article series starting next week on what I’ve learned tracking my finances for the last 13 years.

Oh, I almost forgot. I also bought my ticket to Fincon17! It will be in Dallas next year, a couple hours drive from Houston, so I can’t not go! I’m incredibly excited to meet like minded people and finally put a face on all these anonymous bloggers, and them on me 🙂 I heard that Mr SSC, NorthernExpenditure, OurNextLife, Mr PIE and Tawcan are coming.

Who else is coming?

Now grab a cup of coffee and read on my selection of the most informative articles (and podcast) of September!

It’s been almost five years since planting my financial independence flag and I want to share with you some thoughts on how life has been since. Before neutering my day job income, I feared whether I was doing the right thing financially. What I realized is that the fear of running out of money in early retirement is completely overblown because we are adaptable and resourceful. Read More…

On Monday, we went over how easy it is to become a millionaire. Today, we’re going to look at a few people that have done it and have done it quickly! Read More…

I have discovered this podcast earlier this month and I love it! Stig and Preston read books related to billionaires lives and give a summary on a weekly basis. It’s been the most refreshing and insightful podcast I’ve listened to in a long time.

I’ve recently been looking forward to my morning and evening commutes, just to listen to the podcast. That’s when I know it’s good!

Below are my personal favorites so far (by order of preference):

There is so much great content available online and offline, if you have read / watched / listened to some great content this month, please share in the comments below!


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  1. Thanks for the podcast recommendation. I’ll have to give that a listen. And add me to the list of FinCon 2017 folks. Bought my ticket last week and super excited!

  2. YAY ALL THE FRIENDS AT FINCON! (can’t help but yell. I’m dang excited). And thanks for the inclusion in the list. I’m flattered my data compilations made you “smarter.” 🙂 Happy weekend!

    • Well, it was definitely good to see how all these folks made it to a million and how ‘fast’ the curve got there. It helps put it in perspective.
      FinCon 2017 is going to be the best!

  3. Whoa I had no idea that you were in Houston. I *might* actually be in Houston in November depending on what my HR manager decides where my next rotation will be. Would be great to meet you if possible! (I know parenting must take up a lot of your free time).

    I will be applying for a FinCon scholarship next year and hoping that I get it to lower my cost of admission, if not, I’m going to for sure buy a ticket because I think I’ll be placed in Texas next year with my company!

    • Working in Houston is a great opportunity. The cost of living is relatively low compared to other big cities. For sure, let me know when you’re around, that’d be awesome to meet!
      The tickets to fincon are quite expensive but they are available at a discount the first couple of weeks after the previous year’s conference ends (for 189$). I missed the window last year but not this time. Something to keep in mind 🙂

  4. When you’re excited to commute because you get to listen to your favourite podcast, you know it’s a good one! 😉 I’ll give it a listen, thanks for the recommendation.

    FinCon17 sounds very, very tempting, especially with the discount at the moment… I think it’s a chance I can’t pass to meet all of you in real life!

    • Hey Ricard, thanks for reading! I love this podcast and I’ve often had to wait on the parking lot when I get to destination to hear the end of it. If you come to fincon let me know!

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