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The 5 Best Articles of 2015

The 5 Best Articles of 2015
Best articles of 2015 / Credits : Stuart Moreton

Happy New Year y’all!

2015 has been amazing for me on many fronts.

I started this blog in January 2015. Then I got a promotion in April. In May, I got married to my beautiful wife and went on a honeymoon to Greece in June. We bought a house in November and finally moved in right before Christmas.

Now slowly settling in, we are wrapping up 2015 and moving on to a new year. A new year with many expectations, many goals and many new challenges.

But let’s put that aside for a minute. For now, this is a time to reflect and enjoy the year that has just passed.

I have listed for you below the 5 Best Articles on The Money Mine in 2015.

Also there were a couple of interviews on friendly blogs : Financial Independence Interview from Even Steven Money and 10 questions with The Money Mine at 1500 days. Have look if you want to know some (secret) details about me!

3 reasons to have a strategy for Financial Independence

Better not get lost
Better not get lost

We all have goals. Some are short term, some are longer term and we know all too well that life has a tendency of getting in the way of our ambitions.

This is where a Financial Independence Strategy is helpful, to keep us focused on the important goals and not get lost when life gets in the way. more…

Pay cash or finance? The ultimate guide

Confused? (credits : Ryan McGuire)

There are several articles out there on the topic of “Pay cash vs Finance”, which usually conclude that “it depends”. Or do whatever ‘feels’ right. But we won’t reach FI trusting our feelings (I know I can’t!). Let’s get the real answer.

Would you like to make some more money? more…

Set yourself up for success and Join the Million Dollar Club

Don't just stand there
Having a plan could really help me! / (Jeff Sheldon)

Reaching the 1M$ net worth is actually a very simple game and most people in America
could achieve this goal. There are almost 10M of those millionaires in the US alone! When you make it to 1M$, you become part of the top 10%.

But much more importantly, you’ll be welcomed to the J.Money Million Dollar Club and be part of this 163 members strong Club. The Double Comma Club.

To give myself the most chances to join the Club, I need a plan. And a commitment. more…

How I sold my multi million dollar business by Steve Miller

Early Retirement destination / (Kris Guico)
Early Retirement destination / (Kris Guico)

Today I am featuring Steve Miller who reached Early Retirement at the age of 50 after selling his multi-million dollar software company. It’s the amazing story of a journey to FI/RE, about the power of long term goals and what actually happens in Early Retirement.

As a bonus, Steve also shares some cool pieces of wisdom throughout the article and advices for aspiring entrepreneurs.

I hope you find it as inspiring as I did. Enjoy! more…

You don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate

You get what you negotiate
You get what you negotiate! / (Gratisography)

Everything in life is negotiable. Negotiations can be extremely difficult, but in my career as a negotiator, I’ve come to realize that there’s only 1 rule that really matters. It’s simple and every one should start using it right now to get what they deserve. more…


Hope you all have a safe holidays and we’ll get back together next week for our weekly posting schedule!


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  1. Congrats on your site’s first year and all the personal milestones (Marriage, honeymoon, house). I happen to be a huge Steve Miller fan of what he has accomplished and loved reading your post. I also enjoyed your post on negotiation. I find it a critical skill when I take on paid gigs. Seems the initial offer is always lower than what can be negotiated for.

    • Hi Tommy and thanks for stopping by!
      The initial offer is always the best case scenario for whoever is proposing first, so it’s often worth negotiating, as you have realized.
      Asking for better never hurts!

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