The Fed’s Rate Hike explained

When the US economy crashed in 2007-09 following the sub-prime crisis, the banking system froze. The Fed brought its interest down to 0% and effectively 'doped' the...

How to Forecast a Market Downturn like Warren Buffett

No-one can predict the movements of the stock market in the near future. But it is possible to forecast how it will evolve long-term. In fact,...

The Fed is Having a Party and Everyone Has Left

Last week, the NYTimes held a conference where investors and CEO were interviewed on the theme of "Playing for the Long Term". Because, after the conference, you...

The key reason why the stock market is ready for a crash

Companies profit margins have been tumbling for the last 2 years while the stock market reached ever higher valuations. This divergence is the necessary condition...

The Greek Crisis : What you need to know (Part 2)

(This is Part 2 of the analysis on the Greek situation. If you haven't done already, you should read Part 1 here) First we met with Helena,...

The Greek Crisis : What you need to know

During our recent 2 weeks vacation in Amazing Greece we realized that as tourists it was extremely difficult to see how this country was affected by...

S&P500 : Total returns and Inflation adjusted

(note: this post has been updated with data up to 1st May 2016) These days, the S&P500 is reaching new records and the close on Friday...

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