Pay cash or Finance ? The Ultimate Guide

There are several articles out there on the topic of "Pay cash vs Finance", which usually conclude that "it depends". Or do whatever 'feels' right. But we won't...

S&P500 : Total returns and Inflation adjusted

(note: this post has been updated with data up to 1st May 2016) These days, the S&P500 is reaching new records and the close on Friday...

Is Berkshire Hathaway an index fund?

Investing in index funds is great: the portfolio is widely diversified (eg. throughout an entire industry or country's economy), the management cost is low (Vanguard's S&P500...

How to Calculate your Net Worth

Simply put, the net worth of an individual is the amount by which his assets exceeds his liabilities. In business terms, the net worth is...

Berkshire Hathaway 2014 Financial report is out!

"Fifty years ago, today’s management took charge at Berkshire. For this Golden Anniversary, Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger each wrote his views of what...
In which bucket is your money?

Guidelines to an effective asset allocation

An Asset Allocation is typically based on 4 types of basics assets: Stocks, Real-Estate, Bonds and Cash and a target allocation very much depends on the individual,...
In which bucket is your money?

3 easy steps to determine your asset allocation

Being able to determine early what is our current asset allocation is one of the important steps to build a path towards Financial Independence. Knowing...

How much money is enough money?

It depends You have probably heard that question before and it is one similar to "What would I do if win the lottery?" as they are...
Pile of cash

Why should you invest?

Or how to wisely spend your savings When I started working and making my first salaries, I could see money deposited on my bank account, it...

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