10 Years of Tracking my Net Worth : This is what I’ve learned

Do you remember when Youtube was still a startup and Google decided to buy them for 1.6B$? That was 10 years ago, in 2006. Georges W...

Why I won’t open a 529 plan for my kids

If you have followed the blog lately, you may know that I’m a soon-to-be dad. Very soon in fact, about 10 days. I’m both excited...

My Investments Have Paid For All My Expenses This Year

A few weeks ago, my wife and I went through our little monthly ritual and reviewed our finances for the month of July and we...

The #1 reason we should all prepare for retirement now

Let's be simple and factual with this one. According to the 2016 Social Security report, its trustees estimate that the fund will be depleted in...

Is Your Money Working For You? (and How To Check)

I have amazing colleagues. They are smart, proactive and energetic people who have a drive to get things done. That's a big part of...

Should We Trust the Stock Markets to Always Go Up?

Two of the most widely accepted principles of Personal Finance are pretty simple and are actually the foundation of most of the advices to live a rich life. You know them...

The Spirit of Financial Independence in 7 Quotes

This week, you guys are taking a break from me. "Hooray" says the crowd. "No, for real?" Nah, only partially. But I thought it would be fun to...
the adventure begins

1 Year Blog Anniversary & Financial Update

The blog turned 1 year this month! If this is not a big enough deal, I'll also do a financial update on my journey...
I'm a winner

The 5 Most Important Numbers to Reach Financial Independence

Successful people run their personal finances like a business. They track 5 key numbers. Think about it, you make money, you spend money, you certainly...

Why You Need an Emergency Fund Already

It was so innocent. I mean, we just used the toilet as we were leaving the house. We had no idea it would leak in...

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