3 reasons to have a Strategy for Financial Independence

We all have goals. Some are short term (I really want to publish this post tonight!) some are longer term (I want to make enough money to...

Berkshire Hathaway 2014 Financial report is out!

"Fifty years ago, today’s management took charge at Berkshire. For this Golden Anniversary, Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger each wrote his views of what...

How to Get Rich 101: Make your money work for you

Stop working for your money Working towards being Financially Independent is precisely having the goal that at some point, you will have enough money working for you...
Pile of cash

Become a Millionaire

With Discipline ... You have probably read on the internet numerous articles on the 5 steps that will make you a millionaire. I have come...
Pile of cash

Why should you invest?

Or how to wisely spend your savings When I started working and making my first salaries, I could see money deposited on my bank account, it...

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