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Happy Thanksgiving and a big Thank You!

Happy Thanksgiving and a big Thank You!
Credit : Morgan Sessions

Thanksgiving is upon us and for many it means a break away from our full-time jobs and quality time with our loved ones. It’s also a time for me to thank you, my dear readers!

When I started this blog, I remember how time consuming everything was and how much of this time conflicted with time I should have otherwise spent with my loved ones and my wife. And the truth is, it doesn’t improve with time.

All this time I spent reading articles online (PF blogs), or magazines (mostly The Economist) is time that I do not spend watching TV (no regret) or watch Youtube videos of funny cats (yeah, I do miss these).

All the work that goes in writing an article, putting it together and then promoting it is time that I don’t spend on get-away week-ends and time that I won’t spend with friends on a Sunday Funday.

All of that has increased my awareness of how much (or little) time I have and I realize that this isn’t necessarily easy to deal with for the people around me. I’d like to take the time to give thanks to 4 groups of people in my life, because, well, they deserve it.

Being so fortunate

The first one goes to my wife. She’s amazing. She’s also been so supportive I literally don’t think I could have done this without her. Working full-time and dedicating time to a blog on our free-time hasn’t always been easy. It has however been so rewarding that I’m very happy she’s supported me all along. If you have a side-hustle, I think your spouse would be happy to learn how appreciative of her/his support you are.

My family is also amazing. Even if they do not know about my blogging activities, they have been indirectly involved and have been a great source of inspiration and motivation. When I see my grandma going through a cancer treatment at 89 years old, I am amazed at how much courage, strength and determination someone can have. She’s in otherwise very good health and nothing it seems, can alter her optimism. Specifically to her and to the rest of my family, I want to give thanks to them for building such a strong and healthy family.

Surprisingly maybe for a FI blogger, I’d like to give my third thank you to my current employer. Approximately 12h of my day goes to it and I feel very grateful to have a great work environment. My new boss is just amazing. He’s recently told me “my only job is to make you happy”. How good a manager is that? It hasn’t always been the case, after all this is the main reason why I started my FI journey, but times change. This would be the third person I’d like to give thanks to. Good managers are too rare to not thank them.

A Special Thanks

I know you probably have better things to do during this Thanksgiving week-end so I’ll try to keep this short, but I would like to give a sincere thank you to all the readers of The Money Mine.

I appreciate every one of you.

I feel very grateful that you stop by and take some of your precious time to read my blog. My only objective is to provide value to you, so you can reach your own personal finance goals. Whether you have sent me emails, posted comments or just took some time to read through, I am grateful for your readership.

If there are topics that you’d like covered to help you reach your goals, or suggestions how I can serve you better, please drop me a note in the contact section, I’d love to read from you.

I wish you all to have a great and wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones.


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    • Completely agree with you here, we possibly have it better than 90% of the world population, we can be thankful for a lot of things.
      Hope you are enjoying your thanksgiving week-end.

    • Happy belated Thanksgiving too Jason!
      I like to focus on the positive things and i like how you say we’re all lucky in one way or another, if we can realize it, it’s so true!

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