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Why should you invest?

Or how to wisely spend your savings

When I started working and making my first salaries, I could see money deposited on my bank account, it was growing a little bit every month which meant I could spend that money however I saw fit and that was a great, powerful feeling. For several years, I had a great time and while I tried to make reasonable decisions on what to spend my money on, I would rarely decline the opportunity to travel to other countries, try new restaurants, buy a new car and usually purchase only the best of what I needed at the time.

After a few years, I realized that even though I had this great lifestyle, I was still managing to save a little bit of money every month and that stash kept growing, slowly but surely.

I remember this moment very clearly, about 10 years ago, where I wondered “what can I do with that money? There is surely something smart to do rather than spend it all. But even if I ‘invest’ it to make more money, what use will this be for”. I then did the logical thing and googled “What can I do with 10,000$” and as you can imagine, it only suggested more ways to … just spend. Nothing really about doing anything smart with it.